Be Persistent. Be stubborn, Be endlessly determined and Be unshakeable in your continuing journey to becoming the person you plan on becoming, living in the place you are planning on living and having the abundance of health you are planning on owning.

I feel like that’s all that needs to be said!

Once you have Recognised what you need to change in your life, delved deep into the why’s and how’s, discovered never before seen secret pockets of amazingness, old habits, emotional upheavals and deep, deep loves the next step is to…

and how I beat them

I clearly remember the day I was told I had to ‘change my diet’.

I freaked, what would I eat with no bread, no milk on my cereal — no CEREAL!
No butter on my mashed potatoes or ice cream …at all.
No toast? Is this guy serious?!

Having been…

Brigid Fitzgerald

Hi, I’m Brigid and I’m Shattering the Myths of Chronic Disease! I help women over 40 to find their strength and confidence. Integrative Wellness Coach

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